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When analytics aren’t built into your workday, you miss out on the valuable insights that drive your success. In an age where data-driven decisions rule, Siteimprove Analytics makes digging into your website’s performance metrics easier than ever before. A powerhouse of data insights plus an intuitive dashboard and easy reporting means your entire team can easily dig into what works, what doesn’t, and the “why” behind it all.

Measure what matters most to you

While visits and page views are nice to report on, they don’t necessarily prove that your website supports your organization’s goals. Nobody knows your objectives like you do—so why rely on what others say you should measure? Define which key metrics matter most for your success and keep track of them all in one place.

Fine-tune the path to conversion

Define the path your visitors should follow to conversion and find out where trouble spots lie. Hone in on which pages make them lose interest—and discover where they go once they do.

Learn how your visitors think

View your website through your visitors’ eyes, using visualized data in Behavior Maps to learn how they navigate each page. Track User Journeys to create logical paths to the most important destinations on your site.

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Get real-time input from visitors

Gain insight into user experience by hearing from the users themselves. Use Feedback’s on-page survey boxes to learn what visitors want and need from your site.

Key Metrics

You know better than anyone which reports will help you to stay on track for achieving your goals. With Key Metrics, you define what to measure, so reporting is always connected to your specific goals.

  • Define your own key metrics and KPIs
  • Find out at a glance whether or not you’re on track
  • Tie website performance to overall goals and prove ROI

Want to learn more? Watch our webinar on setting KPIs with your team.